SIM has worked closely together with the CGF to start a test on interconnectivity of technical data sources. This data source can be anything: from upstream Supply chain data of a blockchain solution or platform, a temperature sensor or even an Excel sheet. The project is called TRUE code. (Technical Resource, Uniquely Encoded). SIM focus for the test in 2019: exchange and alignment of upstream Fruit and Vegetable data between platforms. Cheaper, faster and more reliable data for the industry.

The test uses the (open source and free of charge) UUID or Universally Unique Identifier on The generated code is attached to a standardized set of fields, that leads to an organizational passport, it gets combined with proven hash technology and public-private key appliance. If companies want to know if the data is correct they can ask a specialized organization like SIM to perform a paid check.

The solution is now open for anybody to test it.
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