Making sure everything is checked

The Compliance team

Verifying your data

SIM’s trained multilingual team of specialists is dedicated to map and monitor your supply chain information and provides detailed insight into your suppliers, products, performance, and compliance. The Supply Chain Analyst team helps in any way necessary to keep your data in check, completely in line with your needs.

Our team adds value with the data that is in the SIM database. We get in touch with your suppliers and make sure they know their way around in the SIM Supplier Portal and provide information when necessary. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about certificates going past their date – the Supply Chain Analyst team makes sure all certificates are renewed in time.

Need an extra hand? We’re here to help!

  • Dedicated internal SIM Supply Chain Analyst team
  • Customized support on compliance standards
  • Validates data for sustainability reports and keeps certificates in check
  • Multi lingual and works in shifts according to the global timezones

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