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SIM offers a secure, collaborative and cloud-based IT solution that enables companies to have all their supply chain data in one place. Its modular set up enables you to select the functionalities your company needs. The SIM Supplier Database gives structured insight into all supplier information and links directly to product specifications on the same platform. A perfect combination for supplier and product info- all in one place.

With SIM, you will be able to directly communicate with your suppliers. Send questions and requests through the supplier portal and the required data will automatically be registered in the SIM database. Store all certifications and continuously keep them up to date with our specialized work flows. We understand that data is dynamic and in order to keep up, you need a system that is flexible and able to keep up.

The link with our Business Intelligence tool enables you to make the most complete overviews of your supplier performance. Visualize your supply chains, list your top performing suppliers, and find out how your sustainability aims are realized.

  • Trace a complete supplier journey
  • Map your product journey and all its information
  • Create a performance analysis and reporting
  • See how far a product is from being certified

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