We understand that collecting compliance data and keeping it up to date is taking precious time away from your quality and sustainability teams that should be taking action when non-conformities are found in supply chains. On a mission to provide “data you can trust,” we offer you a cooperation with SIM staff members that will expand your team in a flexible way.

Ad interim work

SIM can arrange to provide you specialist team members who work in your office and support you by organizing and collecting supply chain data on product quality, product safety and sustainability.

The supply chain analyst team

We will allocate a team to support you by gathering the right data from your suppliers. Our team members know how to get relevant data points from suppliers and then to put these in the context of the perceived risk to our clients. Our multilingual team can talk to your suppliers in their native tongues, using with proficiency in more than 17 different languages. They have been trained in checking the objective evidence that the suppliers send provide as proof of to prove their compliance in our clients’ risk areas.

Data quality team

We have staff who can bring order to your data chaos. Data quality is crucial to ensuring the right people in your company act on the right issues. That sounds easy, but the reality is that every client we work with has a completely different starting point.

Our team members understand that clients have to deal with legacy IT systems and that core supplier data can come from several sources. They are capable of identifying the relevant data points needed for different systems and supporting internal communication to enhance trust and efficiency between actors in a project. We agree with each of our clients a Basic Information of Services (BIS) contract. The BIS specifies the data verification and validation agreements as well as the master definitions that the client is using.

We know how to get structured core data from first tier suppliers and how to keep it correct at all times. Our clients’ mandate is structured in our SSAE18, which we have had since 2015.