SIM believes that software is a means to an end.

At its core, our software is about enabling our customers to manage risk, no matter what their IT landscape (Excel) and data starting point.

SIM’s clients have insights into where and under which circumstances their products are made. Over the last ten years we have learned how to adapt to our customers’ existing tools and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Our staff can perform supply chain mapping services within any tool. We also offer several secure, collaborative, cloud-based IT solutions that enable companies to store all of their supply chain data in one place and keep it up to date.

SIM Supplier and Product Database

We offer standard software that is tailored to fit your organization (bespoke configuration). Its modular setup enables you to select the functionalities your company needs.

The SIM Supplier and/or Product Database provides structured insights into all of your supplier information and it links directly to product specifications within the same platform. It’s a perfect combination of supplier and product information – all in one place.

At the core of this solution is our “required evidence” technology. We make sure you get the evidence you need to mitigate your risks.

The modular solution features:

SIM Solutions Packages

Which package fits best for your organization?


  • Up to 100 suppliers in your database
  • Standard product specifications interface and supplier portal
  • Database in English language
  • Start with gaining transparency in your supply chains


  • Up to 500 suppliers in your database
  • Possibility to extend amount of languages in database
  • Add additional templates for product specifications (non-food, flowers and plants, detergents, etc.)
  • Standard integrations with existing databases
  • Add additional modules for the SIM Database for a complete overview


  • Unlimited suppliers in your database
  • Possibility to add tailor made software to your database
  • Tailor made solutions for product templates; add a product category to your liking
  • Adjust additional modules to your company’s practices and develop together with our team
  • Standard and tailor made API integrations to existing databases and software
  • Become an experienced supply chain champion

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