SIM Platform Solutions: controlled data sharing for producers and traders

As a supplier, you work with many customers, like importers, brands and retailers, all with their own data requirements; this often provides work for an entire team. How can you take control of your compliance and sustainability data, while improving the efficiency of data gathering, checking and sharing?

The SIM Platform Solutions improves your efficiency by enabling you as a producer or trader to map your supply chain, collect information and documentation, store the data in your own library and share it with multiple customers in one click.

The Platform is connected to the SIM Powerchain, so you can ask the actors in your supply chain to add their data directly. This enables you to cascade the responsibility of mapping the supply chain down. And, since it is on the blockchain, that data is immutable. It also has integrations with various standards organizations, such as Global GAP, enabling you to share your certificate data directly via an API.

You can ask SIM to validate the data before you share it, giving you validated data that has been checked by an independent third party on areas including food safety, social compliance, animal welfare and climate impact.

Once your data is cleared, you can control who sees it. If you do not wish to share all your supply chain data, you can ask for a SIM Platform Solutions Statement, which tells your selected client that you meet the relevant transparency and compliance demands, without sharing competitive or sensitive information.

The SIM Platform Solutions is currently in beta version; it is available for fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers.

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