Covid-19 has an impact on daily life everywhere in the world. We are all facing the same storm only we all have different boats and therefore we all experience different impacts. At SIM, we have been busy around the clock assessing the impact of Covid-19 on FMGC supply chains globally.

It started with questions concerning the ability to perform audits in countries affected by the virus, such as China and Italy. It was followed by concerns about disrupted supplies and logistics; can we still provide safe food for our consumers?

How can SIM support you?

One of the core questions we keep asking around the validity of expired certifications and the policies of the different standards. We are happy to share that we have started special procedures and we have a dedicated team that thinks with you during these extraordinary times.

  1. Free weekly update on standards: We are in constant contact with standards and keep track of their new ways of working. We have created an info sheet of all developments occurring with the standards, which we will update weekly. If you like to receive this weekly from SIM, please contact us. This is a small thing we can do to help weathering this storm together.
  2. Special surveys: Covid-19 has a significant impact on supply chains and people. Our SIM Knowledge Center has created surveys together with clients that offer insights in the potential of this crisis. Think about topics such as, worker workforce, wages, logistics and supply, workers and transportation, accommodation, health and safety and so on…

Shorter and special workflows: We have also developed shorter and special workflows to map suppliers and locations that cannot be audited at this time.

Tell us how we can support you more

We have established a dedicated team that develops concrete out of the box solutions together with our clients to maintain a positive impact, especially to include the first mile.

Topics we think of (examples):

  • Good practice examples of retailers and producers around the world and how the respond when a supplier cannot supply according to the Code of Conduct or setting up temporarily agreements with suppliers on protecting workers and guaranteed supply.
  • Extra support to prevent shortages or (food) waste
  • Think about creating opportunities to offer medical services on site or for the local communities, or other needs.
  • Within the company, see what measures can be taken to create a positive impact, such as reaching out to suppliers or adjusting criteria.

Our technical developments and support of our dedicated team allow us to measure and show the impact of our clients to their customers.

Let us support you on your journey!